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About US

NVS Technologies AG is a leading developer of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers. Our robust multi-constellation receivers are at the heart of a wide range of professional tracking and timing equipment, from handheld devices to infrastructure systems, commonly found in urban and industrial environments, where high levels of interference can be present.

We produce high performance, highly integrated receivers that exploit twice the number of satellites by maximizing both the GPS and GLONASS constellations, ensuring the highest availability of navigation signals, consequently greatly increasing the performance, accuracy and reliability of our customers’ GNSS enabled equipment.

Our customers are ready for future GNSS. NVS Technologies’ all-inclusive and feature rich receivers can track all existing and future navigation satellite systems, such as the GALILEO and BeiDou systems.

NVS Technologies AG

Letzaustrasse 1
9462 Montlingen Switzerland
Phone +41 71 760 07 36
Fax +41 71 760 07 38
E-Mail: info@nvs-gnss.com