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Monday, 28 Sep 2020

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NVS Technologies OEM receivers offer multi-constellation L1 frequency tracking, featuring flexibility and low power consumption ensuring uncompromised quality and easy Integration.

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СН-4706М (NV08C-CSM to CH-4706 transition board)

The CH-4706M receiver module is a drop-in-place substitute for the CH-4706 legacy product. The CH-4706M is an interim module based on NVS Technologies’ latest generation NV08C-CSM receiver, specially developed to enable CH-4706 legacy product users to easily migrate to the new NV08C-CSM receiver.

The CH-4706M is a compact 32 channel GNSS receiver, designed for various navigation and timing systems. It determines the coordinates of its location (latitude, longitude and height), velocity and time by extrapolating signals from the GLONASS, GPS and SBAS navigation satellite systems.

Additional Info

  • Key Features:

    The CH-4706M’s small form factor and surface mount package eliminates the use of high and low-frequency connectors, providing convenience, and reducing design complexity and cost.

    Designed for use in the following applications:

    - Car antitheft systems

    - Traffic tracking systems

    - Personal navigation devices

    - Navigation systems

    - Mobile network base-stations

    - WiFi, WiMAX, LTE and others wireless broadband systems

    - Other communication equipment

  • Description:

    • CH‑4706M Receiver Functions:

    - Receive and process GLONASS, GPS and SBAS (EGNOS/WAAS/MSAS) CT and C/A codes (civilian signals)

    - Provide automatic and continuous calculations of coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude), time, velocity and heading

    - Send current coordinates in various geodetic reference system formats (WGS-84, PZ-90, SK-42, SK-95)

    - Provide location coordinates at 1, 2, 5 or 10Hz update rates

    - Provide estimated accuracy of measured navigation parameters

    - Receive, store and update GLONASS, GPS and SBAS almanac data

    - Communicate with external systems using NMEA 0183 (IEC 1162) and BINR (proprietary binary) protocols

    - Receive and register correctional data to RTCM SC-104 standard

    - Communicate with external devices via its SPI interface

    - Produce input/output signals for external equipment

    - Implement user-interface by means of configurable I/Os

    - Generate time stamped signals

  • GNSS signals:
    • Number of channels: 32
    • Satellite access mode: All-in-view
    • GPS/GALILEO/SBAS: L1 1575.42 MHz
    • GLONASS: L1 1597.5 to 1609.5 MHz  
  • Navigation Features:
    • Accuracy (RMS)*
       - horizontal autonomous mode 2.5 m  
       - differential mode 1 m  
       - height 3 m  
       - velocities 0.05 m/s  
       - time (1PPS) ±15 ns

    • Time to First Fix*:
       - reacquisition <1 s
       - hot start <3 s
       - cold & warm start 30 s
    • Sensitivity:
       - tracking and reacquisition –160 dBm
       - cold start –143 dBm
    • Supported:
       - vehicle dynamics velocity 500 m/s
       - acceleration 5g
       - altitude 18000 m
    • Geodetic reference systems: WGS-84, PZ-90 SK-42, SK-95  

    * typical values
  • RF functionality:

    • LNA Built-In (SW controlled for power saving)

    • Two RF Front-end chains: one for GPS/GALILEO/BeiDou/SBAS L1 & one for GLONASS L1

    • Active antenna type

    • 26 MHz TCXO internal clock Recommended active antenna: GPS\GLONASS L1, 35MHz Bandwidth, 20dB Gain, NF 2dB, Attenuation 35dB @ fc±70MHz  

  • Environmental data:

    • Operating temperature -40 to +85°C  
    • Maximum operating humidity 98% @ 40°С

  • Data Interface:

    • Data update/output rate 1, 2, 5, 10 Hz
    • Data output rate in TTTF mode (1-60 s)-1
    • Supported protocols
       - IEC 1162 (NMEA 0183)
       - BINR (proprietary)
       - RTCM SC-104 v2.2
    • Host data interface:
       - 2x RS-232 I/O ports (1.8 to 3.3V CMOS levels)
       - 1PPS output (CMOS levels)
    • Data exchange rate up to 230’400 bit/s

  • Block diagram:
  • Power supply:
    • Power supply voltage 3.0 to 5.5V  
    • Digital I/O voltage level 1.8 to 3.3V  
    • Backup supply 1.2V, 4 µA
    • Power consumption
       - GPS only time-to-time fix mode @ 1s* 18 mW  
       - GNSS time-to-time fix mode @ 1s* 24 mW  
       - GPS only tracking & navigation mode* < 120 mW  
       - GNSS tracking & navigation mode*   < 180 mW  

    * average values
  • Dimensions:

    Dimensions: 35х35х4 mm

    Weight: 5 g

  • Evaluation Kit: alt
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