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Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

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NVS Technologies positioning evaluation kits are created with purpose of making customer’s evaluation and design efforts as simple as possible. In order to evaluate the performance of the NVS Technologies latest generation GNSS receivers, several evaluation kits can be ordered.


Evaluation Kit NV08C-EVK-CSM (referred in this document as EVK-CSM later on) is a set of instruments for a developer of systems based on NV08C-CSM module. Use of EVK-CSM is a convenient way to learn functionality of NV08C-CSM and start the system design quickly.

Additional Info

  • Description: The EVK-CSM may be used in navigation systems to obtain the current position (latitude, longitude and elevation), velocity vector and time from the signals of global navigation systems (GNSS) GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BeiDou and SBAS in any location on Earth and at any time.
    The EVK-CSM is a flexible tool that allows users to evaluate various modes of operation of the NV08C-CSM and to override a default configuration and connection diagram with jumpers. Connectors and jumpers on EVK-CSM PCB provide simple monitoring of intermediate signals and parameters (digital IOs state, power supply voltages and currents on individual supply inputs).
  • Functional diagram: schem
  • Description of external connectors, indicators and buttons:

    RF Interface PCB

    EVK-CSM’s External connectors and indicators:

    • RF SMA connector – active antenna connector

    • PPS SMA connector – PPS output

    • USB port:

       - EVK-CSM power supply

       - Data I/O from UART A of NV08C-CSM module

    • COM port (DRB-9F type):

       - Data I/O from UART B of NV08C-CSM module

    • PWR LED – receiver’s power indicator (red LED)

    • PPS LED – PPS output (flashing indicator)

    • ANT LED – indicates connection of active antenna with current consumption above 1.1 mA

    • ТХ LED – USB data transfer in progress (blinking indicator)

    • RS button – asserts a Reset signal to the CSM receiver. After reset the EVK-CSM comes up with default configuration or settings that are previously set and stored by the user. Data in non-volatile memory remains intact.

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