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Saturday, 31 Oct 2020

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GNSS antennas are a critical but often overlooked part of a receiver setup. Choosing a correct antenna is hugely important since antennas are the main interface between the GNSS space segment and the user, as they capture the L-band signals transmitted by satellites. Antenna must be able to convert the energy in the electromagnetic waves arriving from the satellites into an electric current that is further processed by the receiver. Given that signals received from GNSS satellite are weak and arriving from any direction, it is clear that choosing the correct antenna is imperative. Choosing the optimal GNSS antenna for the application will maximize GNSS receiver’s positioning performance.

NVS Technologies provides a wide range of high quality antennas to suit a wide variety of applications and markets. To access the product specific page, please click on the corresponding receiver below.


CH-5831 provides an integrated L1 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in one rugged housing with fixed mounting. 1 PPS is supported in the following time scales: UTC, UTC SU, UTC GLONASS, UTC GPS.

Additional Info

  • Description:
    Key Features
    • Operating modes GPS+GLONASS, GPS only, GLONASS only
    • Averaging and fixed coordinates modes

    GNSS receiver
    • Number of channels: 32
    • Satellite access mode: All-in-view
    • GPS/GALILEO/SBAS: L1 1575.42 MHz
    • GLONASS: L1 1597.5-1609.5 MHz

  • Specifications:
    Navigation Features
    • Accuracy (RMS)*
       - 1PPS ±15 ns (1 sigma)
       - horizontal autonomous mode 2.5 m  
       - differential mode 1 m  
       - height 3 m  
       - velocities 0.05 m/s 

    • Time to First Fix*:
       - reacquisition <1 s
       - hot start <3 s
       - cold & warm start 30 s
    • Sensitivity:
       - tracking and reacquisition –160 dBm
       - cold start –143 dBm
    • Supported:
       - vehicle dynamics velocity 500 m/s
       - acceleration 5g
       - altitude 18000 m
    • Coordinate system: WGS-84 (by default), PZ-90 SK-42, SK-95  

    * typical values

    RF functionality
    • SW controlled built-in LNA for power saving
    • 2 RF channels: GPS L1 and GLONASS L1
    • Internal Clock 26 MHz TCXO

    Environmental data
    • Operating temperature –40 to +85°C
    • Maximum operating humidity 98% @ 25°С
    • Sinusoidal vibration 1g@10-100Hz

    Data Interface
    • Data update/output rate 1, 2, 5, 10 Hz
    • Supported protocols
       - IEC1162 (NMEA 0183)
       - BINR (proprietary)
       - RTCM SC 104
    • Host data interface:
       - 2x RS-422
       - 1PPS output
    • Data exchange rate up to 230’400 bit/s

    Power supply
    • Power supply voltage 6.5…12V
    • Power consumption 1W

    • Smart antenna: Ø74х168 mm