New FW release for NV08C-RTK


NVS Technologies AG

Release Note

July 3d, 2015

RTK Firmware Revision 0024


• Fixed bug in wrong GPS/UTC synchronization related to the latest UTC correction on July 1st, 2015

• NMEA and RTCM simultaneous communication is now supported at the same port (useful feature for VRS)

• Added support of List of Known Base Stations (NMEA $PNVGIDL message added)

• NMEA $PNVGBLS (Base-line status) message added

• NMEA $PNVGRZB and $PNVGRTK messages extended

• NMEA GGA message corrected (HDOP and used satellites)

• Moving-base mode is supported (NV08C-RTK-A device only)



RTK Firmware Revision 0024 is compatible with NV08C-RTK and NV08C-RTK-A devices.