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Saturday, 20 Jul 2019

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NVS Technologies AG Selected by TeleOrbit GmbH for its new TOPAS RPP Rapid Prototyping Modular Positioning Platform Series

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Montlingen, Switzerland – Nov 6th, 2012 - TeleOrbit GmbH, a leading provider of high quality GNSS Technologies and Mobility Services, has recently announced the TOPAS RPP Rapid Prototyping Modular Positioning Platform Series, featuring NVS Technologies AG’s NV08C-CSM high performance multi-GNSS constellation receiver.

TeleOrbit’s TOPAS product series is a modular hardware and software platform, specially designed for rapid prototyping of a wide range of high precision navigation equipment. This unique modular platform series features NVS Technologies’ NV08C-CSM multi-constellation (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and SBAS) L1 receiver, as well as IMU, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth, USB (Host/Device/OTG), RS-232, CAN bus, I2C, SPI, Display, Micro SD functions. Please visit http://www.teleorbit.eu

Main Benefit
•    Modular platform for mobile navigation device
•    Easily expandable
•    Application oriented hardware configuration
•    Small form factor (credit card size: 58 x 30mm)
•    No external power supply required
•    720 MHz Cortex A8
•    512 MB Flash / 512 MB RAM
•    NVS Technologies’ NV08C-CSM Receiver
•    32 channels- GPS, GLONASS + SBAS L1
•    Cold start 30 sec
•    Update rate 10 Hz
•    Pseudorange (Raw Data) output
•    Accelerometer
•    Gyroscope
•    Magnetometer
•    Barometer
•    4 bands GSM/EDGE/GPRS
•    5 bands UMTS/HSDPA

NVS Technologies Appointments M2M Connectivity as an Authorised Distributor for the Australian and New Zealand Markets

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Montlingen, Switzerland, Nov. 1st, 2012NVS Technologies AG, announces today the appointment of M2M Connectivity Pty. Ltd as an authorised distributor for the Australian and New Zealand markets. M2M Connectivity is a specialist distributor for leading wireless manufacturers of modules and modems for wireless machine to machine ('M2M') communications in Australia and New Zealand. M2M Connectivity provides a range of tailored M2M services to the market including tailored data plans, static IP services, software development and support, hardware certification.

Its product portfolio covers modules and modems for cellular, mobile satellite communications, short range industrial RF and GPS/GNSS receivers.
For more information visit www.m2mconnectivity.com

NVS Technologies AG Launches the NV08C-Mini PCI-E Embedded Mini PCI Express GNSS Receiver

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Montlingen, Switzerland and Nashville, USA – Sept. 20th, 2012 - NVS Technologies AG, announces today from the ION-GNSS 2012 Conference in Nashville, USA, the launch of the “NV08C-Mini PCI-E” Embedded Mini PCI Express GNSS Receiver.

The NV08C-Mini PCI-E is a fully integrated GNSS receiver module, optimised for Mini PCI Express (Mini-PCIe) based applications. Its key feature is its full compatibility with GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, COMPASS (GNSS), and EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS and GAGAN (SBAS). It is specifically designed for use in a wide range of mobile computing, in-vehicle and rugged handheld computer equipment, for the Security/Public Safety, Telematics/Fleet Management, and Precision GIS/survey, machine control and agriculture markets.

·        Embedded Mini PCI Express GNSS Receiver
·        Very quick and simple integration
·        Precise navigation, positioning and timing
·        32 GNSS tracking channels / 200K correlators - Ensuring fast TTFF and high signal sensitivity
·        NMEA 0183 / IEC 61162-1, binary (BINR) and RTCM SC-104 v2.3 data protocols
·        Raw Data output - Pseudorange, Carrier phase and Doppler
·        Individual GLONASS group delay calibration - Assuring very high accuracy
·        Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) / Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) interface
·        64 KB EEPROM for firmware upgrade and data storage
·        Industrial operating temperature range ‐40 to +85°C

The NV08C-Mini PCI-E offers high sensitivity, high performance acquisition and tracking, NMEA and raw data outputs, plus Differential (D-GNSS) and Assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) functions. It features 2 RF channels (GPS and GLONASS), 3-stage SAW filtration for high noise immunity, as well as several protocol interfaces and a supply voltage source for an active antenna. This fully featured embedded Mini PCI-e GNSS receiver is the quickest-to-market solution for mobile computing applications.

NVS Technologies AG Selected by Advanced Navigation for its Spatial Miniature GNSS/INS & AHRS System

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Montlingen, Switzerland Aug 7th, 2012 - Advanced Navigation, a leading developer of 3D navigation technologies, has recently launched its Spatial product series, featuring NVS Technologies AG’ NV08C-MCM high performance multi-GNSS constellation receiver.

The Spatial is a ruggedized miniature GNSS/INS & AHRS system that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration and orientation under the most demanding conditions. It combines temperature calibrated accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and a pressure sensor with an advanced GNSS receiver. These are coupled in a sophisticated fusion algorithm to deliver accurate and reliable navigation and orientation.

Advanced Navigation’s Spatial and Spatial OEM products featuring NVS Technologies’ NV08C-MCM GNSS Receiver

The Spatial product line takes full advantage of the NV08C-MCM’s multi-GNSS constellation support, ensuring highest availability of navigation signals, as well as its high sensitivity and output update rate, providing increased reliability, accuracy and performance compared to competing GPS exclusive GNSS/INS systems. For more information visit http://www.advancednavigation.com.au

NVS Technologies AG Selected by Panasonic

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Montlingen, Switzerland – July 26th, 2012 - Panasonic, the world leader in rugged notebooks, announces the launch of a Toughbook® CF-31 model with a built-in GPS/ GLONASS NV08C-CSM receiver by NVS Technologies AG, the first rugged notebook in the Russian and CIS market. “The Built-in GPS/ GLONASS navigation receiver does not increase the weight and dimensions of the laptop. The model CF-31 with the GLONASS navigation system is primarily intended for government agencies, law enforcement and military services, which carry their operations in the harsh weather conditions, as well as for industries where the use of the protected equipment is essential - oil and gas, energy, transportation, exploration, forestry and fisheries sectors.”, as quoted by Panasonic.

Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-31 Press Announcement (in Russian) can be found here.

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